The ride along the eastern coastline north of Campbeltown is amazing, though hilly at times. We pitched our tent just next to the Arran ferry at the beach near Claonaig. I hadn’t heard about the isle before but it looked inviting. The water was also inviting and we didn’t mind the cold temperature too much.… Continue reading Kyntire


We had received a recommendation for a hostel which is quickly becoming the cyclist hangout in town: the Huayra Sanipi. It turned out to be a stroke of luck and soon all plans to reach Mendoza until christmas were forgotton. Five kilometers from town starts a trek to a series of waterfalls along a steep valley. The… Continue reading cafayate

Xela otra vez

The bus arrived sometime in the evening and i spent the rest of the night looking for an accommodation, as the school i lived in the last time didn’t have any free rooms available. It took a while longer as a couple of places i visited were either full, too expensive or had no secure… Continue reading Xela otra vez

world buskers festival

as central christchurch was still off limits after the earthquakes, the world buskers festival was happening in hagley park this year. which took away the street feeling of the performances but had the advantage that the audience could easily switch between the different stages. the shows included comedy, theater, stunts, acrobatics, music and more. one… Continue reading world buskers festival

trip north

after leaving magaret river we went to perth, fixed the exhaust of the truck on the way and crashed at katie’s place, a common friend of ben and ian from the sunshine coast. i had a lovely night out in freo once more and on the next morning we set out along the coastline to… Continue reading trip north

car – free day

every second sunday one major street in jakarta is closed for motorized traffic. we started early at five in the morning. getting up at four, some coffee in the lobby, loading up the truck with equipment and merchandise and then cycling to the city centre. the area was closed for cars from six in the… Continue reading car – free day

friday night ride

we started with a small group from b2w and met with other cyclists at a central building. more and more cyclists joined, mostly decorated with blinking lights. the motto was ‘kelap kelips’ and almost everyone was illuminated like a christmas tree. photographers on the way took pictures of the event. drivers seemed to be already… Continue reading friday night ride


another blog, this time in german. the guys from have their own ways to get over or fuel their wanderlust. usually inventions and all sorts of clever ideas are presented on their blog, but excited about being present at the worldcup in south africa, the travel bug won over and so as a small… Continue reading wanderlust