group activities

on our way back from the monastery we witnessed the rehearsal of a whole school for a coming festival. dancing to traditional tibetan music in the schoolyard. in the evening we met in tashi’s restaurant to celebrate laura’s birthday. our guides organized the birthday cake and khatags, the traditional tibetan scarf. it was a nice… Continue reading group activities


it was weird after the andamans to enter into all that traffic, noise and smell again. gladly my guest house wasn’t too far from the port. on this crossing a car missed me slightly but hit a scooter driver behind me. just some bruises and scratches for both the driver and the scooter, but still…… Continue reading kolkata

elephant beach

while the others were attending their diving lessons, i turned to snorkeling. i just wasn’t sure if i would like to spend a one month budget of traveling on a 4 days diving course. one of the beaches, elephant beach, was just reachable by boat or an half hour walk through the forest, an old… Continue reading elephant beach

flower movement prospering

on the andamans i saw the flower movement continue to prosper. this young man was obviously inspired by these members. i didn’t meet the driver of this cycle which was parked in front of the market.

farewell party in yazd

on our search for a restaurant we stumbled upon a place similar to our hostel and soon to opened as such. but before the opening the owner promised us a party with everything other iranian parties are missing. okay! we didn’t really believe in what we were promised but wouldn’t miss even the slightest chance… Continue reading farewell party in yazd