elephant beach

while the others were attending their diving lessons, i turned to snorkeling. i just wasn’t sure if i would like to spend a one month budget of traveling on a 4 days diving course.

one of the beaches, elephant beach, was just reachable by boat or an half hour walk through the forest, an old elephant trek. just before we reached the beach we had to cross a swamp area.

while wading through the water thousands of little fish were moving in perfect synchronization whenever you came too close to the swarm.

some people still camp on the beach and so we found a nicely made “flat” complete with sleeping rooms, fire place and even its own swing in the living room…

and the inviting om sign on its entrance.

snorkeling was nice in the morning but in the afternoon the sight was less than amazing. we started early on our way back as to get home before it gets dark. good decision. we got totally lost on our way back. the next day i started organizing the ticket back to the main land.

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