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flower movement – the tipping point?


mahabalipuram (mamallapuram)

anna and me took the bus for another daytrip. after 6 weeks of cycling from the west to the east coast it was nice to have a swim in the sea again.


later we went to see some 1400 year old temples and stone-carvings.


with drastic words tourists are reminded of taking their trash back home…


or to find a bin which proofs difficult at times and tempting to open evil’s door.

the lighthouses – 20th and 6th century


the busride back home was one of the worst i ever had. the driver honked like a devil and the ticket-guy in the back joined in with his whistle. we were sometimes driving in the middle of the road and just last minute maneuvers back to the left side kept us from becoming one with a truck. halfway back to chennai the driver stopped and left the bus without a word. the ticket-guy ran after him and it took 5 minutes and some substance out of the guys pocket which went up his nose until he entered the bus again. in chennai i had to wait two hours until a bus was going somewhere near my guesthouse. still, a good day!



just 100 meters from the guest house starts a plateau with lots of boulders scattered around. with different difficult levels everybody finds a problem to work on. one of the most pleasant memories…


…not the most difficult but highest boulder i’ve climbed. it is wonderful to feel your whole body, the heart is beating faster and often you have to let go of a secure hold to reach the next one and eventually the top .

secured by crash mats and people standing beneath the climber in support, there are not too many injuries happening.


still once in a while you see another person limping because of a twisted ankle. i got away with some scratches and raddled fingertips.

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goodbye shiraz

we met for breakfast at the anvari hotel and made a goodbye picture in front of the arg of karim khan. alex continued to kerman, ove went to busher and the cyclemasala crew,


morgan and battista,


and me went straight south towards the persian gulf.



has lots of traffic

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what to do when it rains

it started to rain before i found a place for the night. i was just passing a store with a roofed terrace where some guys were about to grill. i joined them and as the rain was pouring down next to us we had grilled meat (grilled cheese for me) with bread, tomatoes, cucumber, pepperoni and the obligatory tea afterwards. my raincape couldn’t hide the guitar beneath and soon i played a concert for the small crowd.

another musician, vedat, who plays the traditional kemence was called and joined the group later. since i still had no place to sleep i was invited to his house where i spend a wonderful night sleeping on the terrace where he showed us some of his skill on the instrument before we went to bed.

the next morning we had breakfast with his family and i was presented with fruits and spices from the garden before i left. thank you all for turning the rain from a unpleasantness to a nice setting for a wonderful evening!

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dilek yarımadası milli parkı

first the road went along the coast where i met two men telling me about the parks canyon which connects the northern with the southern part. the road along the coast is a dead end cause of a military zone due to the vicinity of the paninsula to samos (greece). they told me that it was impossible to cross that canyon by bicycle– but it’s just as impossible to cycle around the world, right?

4 hours later i got to the abandoned village of doganbey.


only a handful of people are living there since the last migration in the 1980s…




after its decline after the migration it is now being restored.

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…i found someone to translate the phonecall. i just got myself breakfast as a man approached me asking where i’m from. the rest of the conversation went on in german since he lived in germany for quite some time. i was invited for tea while the phonecall was made. everything fine. host awaits me. i should just show the card to someone as soon as i get to dermirci.

once there, someone on a motorcycle escorted me. my host still couldn’t believe that a man on a bicycle could travel that far. after a hearty welcome and some tea the questions how long i want to stay came up. we were talking about my route as a bus driver who was present offered me to take me to izmir. the promise of a warmer climate and to be back on the sea again answered the first question and an hour later i was on my personal taxi to izmir…


soon to come



the world


by bicycle


play music


meet people


make a difference