what to do when it rains

it started to rain before i found a place for the night. i was just passing a store with a roofed terrace where some guys were about to grill. i joined them and as the rain was pouring down next to us we had grilled meat (grilled cheese for me) with bread, tomatoes, cucumber, pepperoni and the obligatory tea afterwards. my raincape couldn’t hide the guitar beneath and soon i played a concert for the small crowd.

another musician, vedat, who plays the traditional kemence was called and joined the group later. since i still had no place to sleep i was invited to his house where i spend a wonderful night sleeping on the terrace where he showed us some of his skill on the instrument before we went to bed.

the next morning we had breakfast with his family and i was presented with fruits and spices from the garden before i left. thank you all for turning the rain from a unpleasantness to a nice setting for a wonderful evening!

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