mahabalipuram (mamallapuram)

anna and me took the bus for another daytrip. after 6 weeks of cycling from the west to the east coast it was nice to have a swim in the sea again.


later we went to see some 1400 year old temples and stone-carvings.


with drastic words tourists are reminded of taking their trash back home…


or to find a bin which proofs difficult at times and tempting to open evil’s door.

the lighthouses – 20th and 6th century


the busride back home was one of the worst i ever had. the driver honked like a devil and the ticket-guy in the back joined in with his whistle. we were sometimes driving in the middle of the road and just last minute maneuvers back to the left side kept us from becoming one with a truck. halfway back to chennai the driver stopped and left the bus without a word. the ticket-guy ran after him and it took 5 minutes and some substance out of the guys pocket which went up his nose until he entered the bus again. in chennai i had to wait two hours until a bus was going somewhere near my guesthouse. still, a good day!

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