The ride along the eastern coastline north of Campbeltown is amazing, though hilly at times. We pitched our tent just next to the Arran ferry at the beach near Claonaig. I hadn’t heard about the isle before but it looked inviting. The water was also inviting and we didn’t mind the cold temperature too much.… Continue reading Kyntire

León y Volcán Telica

The first city we stayed at was Leon. Famous for its colonial architecture like the cathedral. At night, a couple of food vendors set up their stalls just behind the building and sold delicious plates with grilled cheese and vegetables. We stayed at the Sonati Hostel where we met Toby and formed the plan to hike up the… Continue reading León y Volcán Telica

Adiós Xela!

After another six weeks in Xela it was time to say goodbye. Here are some shots of the sights i was passing by almost daily. The “Pasaje Enriquez” at the parque central, once intended for exclusive shops, it now hosts mostly bars and restaurants. This flags within the park are taken down every evening. A… Continue reading Adiós Xela!

Lago Atitlan

I left Xela after five weeks and felt like it is a place i might come back to one day. It was a wonderful day to start cycling again. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky and while i was climbing the mountains surrounding the lake along the panamericana, some views could be… Continue reading Lago Atitlan

Volcan Santa Maria

We started our tour at five in the morning. Considering the early morning hour, we didn’t feel too tired. After half an hour’s drive with the bus, we got dropped off at the starting point of the trek and began our ascent while it was still dark. Only guided by the beam of the flashlight… Continue reading Volcan Santa Maria

Semuc Champey

After thinking about to join the tour of the guesthouse, i decided to do it by bicycle myself and my own pace as the tour included two other sights and a rather tight schedule. If i had known the road would be as challenging as within the last days, i might have opted for the… Continue reading Semuc Champey


i made a stop at a bicycle shop before leaving town. everything took a little longer and so it was past noon when i left cancun. the heat was only sometimes mellowed by a passing cloud. but once you start to ride, the breeze takes of the edge. it wasn’t a pleasant ride along the… Continue reading tulum

hakataramea pass

i had a light start into the day until the turnoff for the hakataramea pass at kurow. it was perfect cycling weather with enough clouds to cool down the temperature in an otherwise blue sky. the hakataramea pass was another recommendation from bob, the guy we stayed with at the buller gorge. a quiet gravel… Continue reading hakataramea pass

marlborough sounds

once again i stayed at a d.o.c. campsite, this time at pelorus bridge. a wonderful campsite at a river surrounded by forest with several walking tracks in the area. on top of that it has a kitchen and hot showers. i met another cyclist, guillaume from france. we both cooked two meals each and had… Continue reading marlborough sounds

arthur’s pass

i wanted to get into the mountains again and cycling over the arthur’s pass to the west coast seemed like the quickest way to get that. the first day i just cycled outside the city in more or less the same weather as on the day i arrived, but the next day was perfect. sunny… Continue reading arthur’s pass