after 2 years and 15 weeks and i guess around 40.000 pedalled kilometer, i arrived in sydney. the last meters on the ferry from manly landing at the circular quay between opera and the harbour bridge. the manly ferry being that not so small ship on the right with the harbour bridge towering over it.… Continue reading sydney

goodbye indonesia

after the week on gili air i made my way back to bali and denpasar. i ended up in kuta as i was looking for an accommodation close to the airport. kuta is not a nice place. well i didn’t stay long… as i was printing out my plane ticket i was first irritated then… Continue reading goodbye indonesia

the rusty dudes

after more than a year on the road, some parts show heavy wear. and what about your goodbye presents? the badge i got from my bandmate nils: seems the mighty dudes do not agree with too much rain and prefer the sunny side of life!! the worldtourguide is holding up better. it’s even prospering due… Continue reading the rusty dudes

many rivers to cross

some kilometers before reaching the capital the road ended at the bank of a river with a ferry being the only way to get to the other side. even if it takes just three minutes to cross a river by boat, it adds this adventurous note to travelling. i don’t know what it is exactly,… Continue reading many rivers to cross

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patan is the twin city of kathmandu south of the bagmati river and like kathmandu was an independent kingdom until 300 years ago nepal was united under one king. the durbar square… former home of the king. patan is wonderful to take a walk and to get lost in the small alleys. still it feels… Continue reading patan

boudhanath stupa

on the other side of town in the east is another stupa, again unesco world heritage site but easier to access without monster stairs to climb. the stupa is the center of a round square around which nice little buildings are forming a ring with mostly tourist things: eat, sleep, buy, chat. but also nice… Continue reading boudhanath stupa

swayambhunath stupa

one morning i visited the swayambhunath stupa per cycle. without the luggage it is always amazing how close it feels to flying. there is almost a small village surrounding the stupa. today the buildings are mostly occupied by little handicraft shops. and the view over kathmandu… i’ll leave for tibet the 1st of may and… Continue reading swayambhunath stupa