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goodbye indonesia

after the week on gili air i made my way back to bali and denpasar. i ended up in kuta as i was looking for an accommodation close to the airport. kuta is not a nice place. well i didn’t stay long… as i was printing out my plane ticket i was first irritated then highly alarmed as the date was 2 days earlier than i had in mind. which left me three and a half hours to get my things packed and make it to the airport 2 hours before departure.

within thirty minutes i was back on my packed bike on the way to the airport with directions from the guesthouse which i hoped to have remembered correctly. thirty minutes later i was at the airport and had only to find the right terminal and…

once at the airport i still got the problem to get my bike packed for the flight. since i had no time to get packing material, some guys from the packing station wrapped it up in about a hundred layers of cellophane and then it was about time to check in.

soon there will be more posts from down under… right now i am in magaret river, grape season is coming and i’ll stick around for some weeks working before i continue on the bicycle towards the east.

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Hey Matthias,
ich rede heut mal mit unserem “Chef of wine”, wir nennen es auch “Sommelier”, er kann Dir sicher nen TIP geben, wo Du ne wirklich interessante Weinlese erleben könntest. Die Region ist auf jeden Fall Hammer sagt er, ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß und auf bald!
Wie lange ist die Reise noch geplant?

LG aus dem Schwarzwald
Philip Reusch

hi philip,

danke und ja die region hat schon was. allerdings auch superviele leute hier ebenfalls auf jobsuche und so ist die konkurenz recht hoch und man braucht etwas gleuck und das richtige timing um einen platz zu landen. wo genau bist du denn im schwarzwald und wie laeuft es dort? die reise hat bisher kein planung fuer ein ende. allerdings ueberlege ich ende des jahres oder im naechsten fruejahr einen stop in deutschland zu machen bevor ich nach suedamerika gehe. aber das steht noch in den sternen. wunesche dir nur das beste. herzlichst,


[…] after deciding to leave magaret river after three months, there was still the question where to go next. my original idea to go east was getting less attractive each day as it was getting colder especially during the night and i started thinking about going north instead. the only problem: the distances are huge, there is little in between places and not much options besides following the highway. since it seems the way to travel australia is rather by car or better a 4WD, i just took a quick quiz at the internet and saw an add for a trip to the north on an old landcruiser with a roof-rack tagging a trailer with a boat. it seemed like plenty of space to get my bicycle on board. after an email, a call and a meeting, ben, the driver and proud owner, invited me for a short trip to the south first. since i hadn’t seen this part and the hostel was now very quiet after the season ended, i was keen to come along. even if that meant i had to be ready in 3 hours. well i was used to a hurried departure. […]

[…] on my last day we went again to lentils and again made a short visit to ceres where nyssa, who i met while cycling in queensland, works. it was a lovely day and it felt a bit unreal to be leaving so soon to new zealand. that is why i was running rather late before i left and made my way to the airport. after the train was delayed for half an hour, i tried to cycle all the way. but all roads led to a freeway where no bicycles are allowed and the traffic is not inviting either. in the end i was getting a taxi and was still late. but the staff at the airport were super helpful and made it possible for me to reach the gate in time. a rather hasty departure but that is no news. […]

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