winter in berlin

it’s time to reactivate this blog. after working as a velocab driver in the summer of  2012 in berlin, i concentrated on writing and recording  songs over the winter. when autumn came to the city and the grey skies blocked out the sun and at times inspiration as well, i was about to book a… Continue reading winter in berlin

flower movement prospering

on the andamans i saw the flower movement continue to prosper. this young man was obviously inspired by these members. i didn’t meet the driver of this cycle which was parked in front of the market.


the first days in goa i stayed with some indian guys which where renovating their house to turn it into a guesthouse. i was their first guest and as construction was still in progress the line between host and guest wasn’t that clear. we had lunch and dinner with 10 people eating together sitting on… Continue reading goa


i stayed in the youth hostel of dubai, the only budget accommodation in town. ove with his motorcycle fetched me the next day and we went on a city tour. the burj al arab seen from one of the many shopping attractions dubai has to offer. here’s another one… a big shopping mall themed around… Continue reading dubai


i stayed one night in sharjah before making my way along the highway to dubai. the emirates look good, especially on photos…


the last photo before my first crash on this tour. i just got a scratch and the digi cam got crashed cause i just put it in my jacket and not back in the front bag. gnarr… it was raining and i thought that i have to overhaul the truck in front of me before… Continue reading crash