things i lost in the roadside ditch

i had this post coming for some time but never got around to finish it. today it was brought back to my attention as i left kunming without my music player. after a long days ride i was sitting in a restaurant considering the option to go back by bus, which would have been a 5 hour journey without any guarantees of success, when some crazy chinese guys offered me a lift in their van and i found it at the spot i left it. very lucky indeed!

here we go, so far…


2 fine drinking bottles

a towel

some books

my hat (2 times already)

money (not much but in a wide variety of currencies)

tension belts

the rose from the flower movement (probably stolen)

a tent peg

an air pump (air as well, haha!)

underwear (ragged)

shirt (not ragged)

food (most likely because carelessly strapped on the back of the cycle on top of everything)

sealing ring for the cooker

picks (my favourite thing to lose)


shower gel

tooth paste

my lock (still at lake constance)

my hammock

my patience (in india)

a bolt for the rear derailleur

tire lever


a knife

charger for the digi cam

desinfection spray





my shoes (in salerno, my dirty socks were left behind)

mobile and sim (in pokhara, the cook of my guesthouse ran of but sold it to the guy next door before he left. i got my mobile back, the sim card is still missing)

my favourite knife (while as luggage on a train)


digi cam (crash – repaired, though depending on the weather it still aches sometimes)

rear fender (thrown out for good after installing wider tires)

some pants

guitar (broken at the neck, the story)

and the guitar bag (was repaired by a skilled tailor in port blair, india)


  1. dreh dich mal um ich denke da folgt dir irgendwer der sich all das zeug nimmt um selbst equipment für eine weltreise zu bekommen.

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