the first days in goa i stayed with some indian guys which where renovating their house to turn it into a guesthouse. i was their first guest and as construction was still in progress the line between host and guest wasn’t that clear. we had lunch and dinner with 10 people eating together sitting on the floor. we visited the flee market in anjuna, went to the beaches and i was getting used to india. the food, the noise, the climate and had a melted chocolate bar for christmas. i definitely would have preferred some cold snowy family and friends christmas.

i had my daily pineapple-orange juice¬† in the morning just across the street. after some time i was called the “lucky man” by the guy operating the stand for bringing customers to stop and order as well. the first time 2 couples came up after i had received my glass and another time it was more than 10 people and the juice man didn’t knew where his head was for the next half an hour. so i received my juice the day i left for free…

on the way south i realized how different it will be to cycle in this climate compared to what i experienced the last months. the scenery was nice. palm trees everywhere, rice fields in almost unreal bright green tones and huge rivers…


when i arrived in palolem i didn’t have to look for accommodation for long cause a guy offered me a room in his house for 200 rupees and it won’t get any cheaper around this time of the year.

i went to the beach this evening and found a bar with live music. it was open stage but i was too tired to play so i postponed the goa concert and went to bed early.

the opportunity came 2 days later as there is almost everyday open stage at the beach. here you see the lovely audience across the beach listening…


with a camp fire in front, the stage was nicely illuminated…

when morgane and battista arrived on new years eve they got the room next door. we had dinner at kim’s place. a restaurant where you still feel like being invited home by the owner and pay prices half or even less than on the beachfront. later we went to the beach. we bought a bottle of wine, listened to some reggae music in front of a bar, bought another bottle of wine, enjoyed the fireworks, thought about getting another bottle but went to bed instead.

our landlord was happy for his rooms were booked out and so he invited us over for lunch the next day which i felt was way too early for new years eve, but we had a lovely meal with his family and later watched a bit tv together…

otherwise there’s not that much to tell about palolem. my view during the day



and during sunset.

after a week i could understand the people who came here and just stayed…

on the other hand there are a lot of tourists in goa these days and not all of them care that much about where they are as long the sun is shining and they got their drink in time. we decided to continue to the south!

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