Having heard a bit about Vilcabamba beforehand, i approached the town with mixed feelings. There are a lot of ‘gringos’ staying long-term and half of the businesses are owned by ‘extranjeros’. I arrived on a sunday, while the market was on. The central square was filled with people and as the sun was out, two… Continue reading Vilcabamba


It was another cobblestone road, worse than the one leading to the Laguna de Mojanda, and steeper in parts. I didn’t make it to the park’s entrance that day and set up camp, from where i had no views of the vulcan yet, but a nice sunset with the valley filled with clouds beneath. The… Continue reading Cotopaxi

Quito no. 2

Arriving again in time for the sunday ciclopaseo, i saw some now familiar faces from last week’s ride, like this daughter-father duo. The girl had an incredible voice which was a real surprise when hearing it first from the a distance and seeing the person it belongs to later. Just next to the el ejido… Continue reading Quito no. 2


Arriving in the mariscal district, it could hardly be a more drastic change from the last evening spent around Mojanda. Bars and discos with booming music and people running to and fro. It took a while to find a hostel as many were booked out. I was glad to get an early rest and enjoy… Continue reading Quito

Ciudad Guatemala

It was semana santa and the capital in an exceptional state. Processions filled the streets from the early morning hours until almost midnight. Accompanied by many musicians and some of the most dramatic and solemn music i have ever heard. The predominant color was purple, which symbolizes the penance during lent from what i understood as well… Continue reading Ciudad Guatemala

Adiós Xela!

After another six weeks in Xela it was time to say goodbye. Here are some shots of the sights i was passing by almost daily. The “Pasaje Enriquez” at the parque central, once intended for exclusive shops, it now hosts mostly bars and restaurants. This flags within the park are taken down every evening. A… Continue reading Adiós Xela!

Pan Am racing team

My hands were pretty shaken because of the cobbled streets until i reached the paved road at the city limits of Antigua. The road then slowly wound its way over the surrounding mountains before it went mostly downhill towards Lago Amatitlan. Less famous than his cousin to the east and with not quite as spectacular… Continue reading Pan Am racing team

Maya Pedal

It was quite difficult to find the place as everybody in town seemed to know the organization, but not many its current location. As they moved quarters a couple of times within recent years, i received five different directions before being set on the right path. I was greeted by the three girls volunteering at… Continue reading Maya Pedal

to mexico

after eleven hours we touched ground in cancun, mexico. the entry formalities are quite easy for a citizen of the european union and only to clear customs took me a while longer since my luggage seemed a little less usual. at the baggage conveyor belt i met conrad, another cyclist, just as i was about… Continue reading to mexico


since i arrived in australia i was looking forward to this city and at times it looked like i won’t have the time to see it. so i was glad to spend at least my last days in oz here. a couple of people from the farm in hillston were also in town and i… Continue reading melbourne