La hora del planeta

Earth hour receives a lot of valid criticism. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t created solely for the benefit that one hour without the use of electricity would have on our planet. It will just have an effect if people change their behavior after this hour in the long run. In Xela the lights of the… Continue reading La hora del planeta

Maya Pedal

It was quite difficult to find the place as everybody in town seemed to know the organization, but not many its current location. As they moved quarters a couple of times within recent years, i received five different directions before being set on the right path. I was greeted by the three girls volunteering at… Continue reading Maya Pedal

into belize

the immigration procedure is straight forward and i was in belize in no time. the first kilometers i wasn’t that impressed by belize. like many developing countries there were not many places along the road which invited to stay or to take a closer look. the first place which did was orange walk. it was… Continue reading into belize


at the beginning of february a lot of people were leaving. this helped to say goodbye to this wonderful place after almost two weeks. since my teammate anna and i were both heading towards chennai we decided to cycle together. we plotted our route along the smaller roads with just two fixed points. one was… Continue reading R.D.T.