outdoor shower

wow, i tried my watersack as shower for the first time. i thought that the verdict would be just a tired “better than nothing” but it’s working great. grrr, the video of me showering was too big… i have to admit it feels a bit weird standing naked under a tree somewhere high up in… Continue reading outdoor shower

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crazy guy on a bike

just after some kilometers in the morning i got a flat tire and the replacement air pump was broke too. i was lucky that gianni was passing by on his road bicycle. gianni is from switzerland. and he is totally crazy. i think he knows that. as i met him he was on the road… Continue reading crazy guy on a bike


after i spent the rest of the night on the promenade close to a reggae club ship like the hoppetosse in berlin i started looking for the general post office where a package from berlin was waiting for me with a couple of new copies of my album and my new credit card. after i… Continue reading thessaloniki


for the night i ended up at a camping place. i don’t know why as i wasn’t that exhausted and there would have been enough spots nearby to spend the night for free. i put up my tent between the campers of birgit and helge on the one and uschi and klaus on the other… Continue reading peloponnese

lefkada islands

after i arrived in lefkada and had a little break i continued my way. a bath at a beautiful beach in mind… there are more tourists as soon as you leave the mainland. which you soon notice as prices go up and you can see on the plates of the cars there is less traffic… Continue reading lefkada islands

grand theft calzature

my shoes where stolen some time after salerno where i spent the night at the beach. could have placed them closer to my sleeping place. i was quite angry after i had to pedal shoeless to the next city to buy new shoes. but as soon i walked into a store and pointed at my… Continue reading grand theft calzature

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After a long winter, things are gaining speed. Most of the equipment is here or ordered, i will finish the album this month and i’ve sold, donated or simply thrown out a lot of my belongings. It felt like really hard work but everytime liberating if another box emptied wandered out of the apartment and… Continue reading Preparations