after i spent the rest of the night on the promenade close to a reggae club ship like the hoppetosse in berlin i started looking for the general post office where a package from berlin was waiting for me with a couple of new copies of my album and my new credit card. after i found it i sat down and was waiting for the city to awake.


i was really tired as i stumbled out of the post office and after getting some supplies i just pedaled out of the city to get some sleep after 72h with almost none. there is a lot of news from then on which i just don’t have the time to put up now. right now i’m in xanthi and will arrive in istanbul sometime next week. looking forward to it. wish you a great start in the week. all the best,


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  1. 9 tage keine news? wir hoffen es geht dir gut und es liegt einfach daran, dass du die landschaft genießt und nicht in verrauchten internetbars sitzen magst. die ausführliche email beantworte ich in einer ruhigen stunde.

    alles gute

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