after arriving in athens everything went a bit crazy. i was trying to organize a way to get to thessaloniki by ferry, train or bus. the ferry would have taken too long, after finally reaching the right train station i was told that it was impossible to take ones bicycle on the train. a slight deja-vu. last year i had the same situation in genova. this time i decided against finding a way myself and tried my luck at the bus terminal instead. i was told it would be no problem with a night bus and so i left to see something of the city before i was leaving.

i first headed to the acropolis. i didn’t went in but rather enjoyed the view over athens from a hill nearby.


i met a group  of indonesians who are traveling europe. i played a song for them and while i was plaing i was the center of a photoshooting. 3min.  and 158 photos later the whole bunch was back in their bus and on their way to cypruss.

i tried my luck with busking just below the akropolis but everybody seemed to have seen and heard enough for the day. so i made my way back to the bus station where i discovered that i was short on cash. my credit card was no good, my credit card company couldn’t help me. so the guys from the bus compamy helped me out and let me travel for half price. everything was going quite fast and after a trip with almost no sleep i hit thessaloniki somewhere between midnight and sunrise.

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