outdoor shower

wow, i tried my watersack as shower for the first time. i thought that the verdict would be just a tired “better than nothing” but it’s working great. grrr, the video of me showering was too big…


i have to admit it feels a bit weird standing naked under a tree somewhere high up in the mountains and freeze your ass of because of the cold water. but damn it’s refreshing…


  1. i hope there are still other people following this blog ­čśë hat der herr nicht gen├╝gend zu tun um den tag der erfinder vorzubereiten???

  2. I’d also enjoy viewing this… Perhaps you could invite some of the female bikers you meet on the road once in a while?

  3. hi matze, ja hab ich. aber da ich dich in meiner blogrolle habe stolpere ich alle paar tage hier rein und lebe so meine kleine weltreise durch dich. machs gut

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