since i arrived in australia i was looking forward to this city and at times it looked like i won’t have the time to see it. so i was glad to spend at least my last days in oz here. a couple of people from the farm in hillston were also in town and i met up with phil and david to have the first drink. it reminded me a bit of berlin to get a beer at the shop around the corner and just pick a spot somewhere outdoors, in this case a sport stadium at victoria park, and to have a good time while enjoying a drink without going to a bar.

the next day we went for a ride through the city. melbourne can’t compete with european cycle capitals but has quite some bicycle paths to offer and there are far more people riding then in any other city i’ve been in australia. after a break for lunch at lentil as anything, a pay what you feel restaurant, in abbotsford…

we went to ceres, a community center which has a bike kitchen workshop. just one part of their many activities.

people donate bikes and parts which are repaired and being put together by volunteers or their prospective new owners.

on my last day we went again to lentils for a vegan feast and again made a short visit to ceres where nyssa, who i met while cycling in queensland, works. it was a lovely day and it felt a bit unreal to be leaving so soon to new zealand. that is why i was running rather late before i left and made my way to the airport. after the train was delayed for half an hour, i tried to cycle all the way. but all roads led to a freeway where no bicycles are allowed and the traffic is not inviting either. in the end i was getting a taxi and was still late. but the staff at the airport were super helpful and made it possible for me to reach the gate in time. a rather hasty departure but that is no news.

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  1. Hi Matthias,

    You should have told me you were in Melbourne, I could have shown you around.

    Nice website. Happy New Year.
    a fellow traveler you met in Malaysia,

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