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patan is the twin city of kathmandu south of the bagmati river and like kathmandu was an independent kingdom until 300 years ago nepal was united under one king. the durbar square…

former home of the king.

patan is wonderful to take a walk and to get lost in the small alleys. still it feels easy to navigate through both, patan and kathmandu. i will fix my bicycle these days and then we’ll have a farewell drink with people about to go home as well as the ones who journey on.

locations postcards

boudhanath stupa

on the other side of town in the east is another stupa, again unesco world heritage site but easier to access without monster stairs to climb.

the stupa is the center of a round square around which nice little buildings are forming a ring with mostly tourist things: eat, sleep, buy, chat. but also nice to look at…

from there i cycled south to patan.

locations postcards

swayambhunath stupa

one morning i visited the swayambhunath stupa per cycle. without the luggage it is always amazing how close it feels to flying.

there is almost a small village surrounding the stupa. today the buildings are mostly occupied by little handicraft shops.

and the view over kathmandu…

i’ll leave for tibet the 1st of may and will continue to explore the kathmandu valley in the meantime.

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pokhara – kathmandu

after some days rest in pokhara and feasting in my favourite restaurant around the corner,

i started towards kathmandu. the scenery was beautiful most of the time though the traffic was not. to take a rest at places to escape the traffic and honking became necessary. luckily such places could be found.

after the last 30 or 40 km constantly going uphill i was glad when i finally reached kathmandu. when i was looking for a guest house someone was calling my name. as i turned around i saw morgan and battista who just came back from one month of trekking. wonderful to meet old traveling companions again!

locations postcards

coming down

the way down wasn’t much easier and i was thinking about cycling once in a while where mostly going uphill is the effort…

after the pass, the head filled with impressions and the big goal no longer in front, the trekking felt as if coming slowly to an end…

one of the highlights on the way down was the cozy village of marpha.

almost every day now it started to rain sometime around the afternoon. which was lovely as we made it to a guesthouse before and were watching from the inside with a warm meal in front of us.

on the way up i was already thinking about doing another trekking, maybe the everest base camp. but after those two weeks i was looking forward to some rest before starting another adventure.


thorong la

before reaching the pass we made our way to the high camp. some hundred meters in altitude in one hour.

we started early in the morning to make it to the pass before sunrise. it was a wonderful sight all the dancing flashlights moving slowly uphill, sometimes reflecting on fields of snow or illuminating the breath of the one in front. after a tea break we reached the pass itself. wahoo!

the air was crystal clear and so was the view!

but the best part is that light headed feeling that leaves no room for small worries or making plans or thinking too much or… well it was wonderful.

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with 3500 meters above sea level, manang was the first place where i felt the decreased amount of oxygen in the air. but after a good night’s sleep my body seemed to get along pretty well with that.

built on a hill facing the annapurna peaks II, III & IV, manang is a nice place to rest.

with that bit of luxury other villages are missing since a lot of trekkers stay here for a few days to acclimatize . you have stores with almost everything the trekker needs, small venues show movies and the food is the best you’ll get during the trekking.

the view from the guesthouse window…

which sometimes looked more like a framed painting.

locations postcards


there were some things to do before starting the trek. getting a permit and the equipment being the most important things. good shoes, warm sleeping bag, sunscreen and cream for dry lips as well as some dried fruits and nuts for energy. but after two days i got most of it together. especially the renting of the equipment helped to reduce the costs of this expedition.

on the first day i only walked some miles after the bus ride to get used to the weight on the back which i don’t have while cycling. first stop at ngadi in a typical guest house. family run, only a shack with a bed in it, homegrown vegetables and lots of animals.

the first days the trekking route follows a valley shaped by a river.

lots of waterfalls along the way.

half of the people trek with guides and/or porters who carry 3 or 4 times the load mostly with a strap around their foreheads.

and sometimes a whole band is on the move…

closer and closer we get towards the snow-capped peaks of the annapurna range.


birthday breakfast bliss

31.03.2010. pokhara. nice breakfast with mountain view.

the rest of the day i spent preparing for the trekking.

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