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after i spent the rest of the night on the promenade close to a reggae club ship like the hoppetosse in berlin i started looking for the general post office where a package from berlin was waiting for me with a couple of new copies of my album and my new credit card. after i found it i sat down and was waiting for the city to awake.


i was really tired as i stumbled out of the post office and after getting some supplies i just pedaled out of the city to get some sleep after 72h with almost none. there is a lot of news from then on which i just don’t have the time to put up now. right now i’m in xanthi and will arrive in istanbul sometime next week. looking forward to it. wish you a great start in the week. all the best,


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after arriving in athens everything went a bit crazy. i was trying to organize a way to get to thessaloniki by ferry, train or bus. the ferry would have taken too long, after finally reaching the right train station i was told that it was impossible to take ones bicycle on the train. a slight deja-vu. last year i had the same situation in genova. this time i decided against finding a way myself and tried my luck at the bus terminal instead. i was told it would be no problem with a night bus and so i left to see something of the city before i was leaving.

i first headed to the acropolis. i didn’t went in but rather enjoyed the view over athens from a hill nearby.


i met a group  of indonesians who are traveling europe. i played a song for them and while i was plaing i was the center of a photoshooting. 3min.  and 158 photos later the whole bunch was back in their bus and on their way to cypruss.

i tried my luck with busking just below the akropolis but everybody seemed to have seen and heard enough for the day. so i made my way back to the bus station where i discovered that i was short on cash. my credit card was no good, my credit card company couldn’t help me. so the guys from the bus compamy helped me out and let me travel for half price. everything was going quite fast and after a trip with almost no sleep i hit thessaloniki somewhere between midnight and sunrise.

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after reaching nafplio i decided against going to corinth and see its canal because of the difficult way towards athens afterwards. so i headed east to methana to reach athens by ferry.

the crossing to athens was nice and we were accompanied by seagulls.


i will take a look at athens today and then continue to istanbul over thessaloniki very soon. new things to see…

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after a good night sleep i had a wonderful day ahead of me. diversion is important to keep your concentration and motivation up. during the morning i didn’t make much haste and soon found myself making a break for the second breakfast as 2 cyclists were passing by. it was a friendly couple from germany who spend 2 weeks in greece traveling to neapoli. it was just a quick chat at the side of the road so i don’t know their names and there are no photos. they were going downhill for half an hour so i knew what lay ahead of me and that the second breakfast was well needed.

as i was still on the bottom of the mountain it began to rain and it got colder towards its peak. a refreshing change not to sweat more then you can drink. on the top was the village of kosmas.


it felt way too small for the few busses and campervans who tried to find their way through the narrow streets.  i bought some grapes and made a break before i was leaving the autumn in the hills and head back to summer and the sea.

it was an amazing descent surrounded by mountains…


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my guitar (as good as new)


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bringing back the past

i just got til aeropolis. then i decided to change course because i didn’t want to see any more construction sites of retro replica stone houses. it looked like clones where spreading in the area. but there was also the nice fishing village of trachila.


i missed a turn-off and ended up in this village where just a small road is leading to.

i left the coast and traveled to gythio where i found a surreal place. an old bungalow village with panaroma restaurant abandoned some years ago and left just like it was.


i had the whole beach for myself and was strumming the guitar ’til after dark…

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i was on my way to mani as i was coming by kardamili. after i went down to the harbour i soon found the spot alf took the photo for the worldtourguide.


sadly the otherwise cozy town was taken over by british tourists after the season and the beachvolley court in stoupa was replaced with beach loungers. so i just stayed for a snack and some photos while walking through kardamili and continued my way to mani.

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olympia is a place i was interested in because my tour feels close to the olympic spirit. i wasn’t sure what to expect since i hadn’t seen any pictures from the archeological site.

i was surprised how much of the buildings were intact and you have more for the eyes to see and your imagination to build on.


you can imagine how this place looked like centuries ago which was hardly possible with the circus maximus in rome for example. even if there is just a segment restored like in the picture above or the single column of the temple of zeus it helps a lot to draw a picture in your mind.

i spent two hours in ancient olympia before i made my way back to the coast. as i had decided to take a look at mani, one of the fingers of the peleponnese and at kardamili, worldtourguide recommendation by alf.

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for the night i ended up at a camping place. i don’t know why as i wasn’t that exhausted and there would have been enough spots nearby to spend the night for free.

i put up my tent between the campers of birgit and helge on the one and uschi and klaus on the other side. here is a picture from a late breakfast


in the evening i played a concert and we had some beer and wine together. after 3 songs i suddenly realized my guitar was broken at the neck. it must have happened the night before when i pulled my bike over a barrier which sometimes lies between you and a nice sleeping place.

i was lucky that it wasn’t broken entirely and no pieces were missing. in the morning i was invited to breakfast from uschi and klaus and soon after we drove to the city. both of them know the town quite well  since they were staying at the campsite for the whole summer. we soon found the guitar store and the owner gave us some advise how to successfully do the repair. he called an instrument builder but after the phone call recommened to try it ourselves since otherwise it would be pretty expensive. so we bought wood glue and returned to the camp site.

i was quite nervous, maybe a surgeon feels that strain before an operation and was glad that with the help from helge everything turned out nicely.


to celebrate the success we had great grilled haloumni, greek salad and watermelon in the evening and talked into the night with greek wine and ouzo before we said goodbye. thank you for a wonderful stay at the paradise camping site!

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as it was already too late to explore the island i stopped for the night after i left the ferry. somewhere behind these trees…


the next day i left for poros to take the ferry back to the mainland. as i had not found a bicycle shop yet i was again happy to meet someone with an air-pump. this time a family from rosenheim.

soon after i was passing another cyclist from nuernberg. achmed. you can find his blog here.


we talked a while and rode the way to sami together as it was his last day and his ferry was going in the evening from there. he is planning to come back to greece next year. good luck with your plans! he will post about this trip after he is back in germany. right now he is on his way back from venice.

it was quite late after the tire problems and the chat. so i already thought about getting the ferry in the evening again but after a ride downhill and surpassing my normal security limits i hopped on bord not a minute before the ferry left. i was glad cause i had more time to look for supplies and a place for the night.