as it was already too late to explore the island i stopped for the night after i left the ferry. somewhere behind these trees…


the next day i left for poros to take the ferry back to the mainland. as i had not found a bicycle shop yet i was again happy to meet someone with an air-pump. this time a family from rosenheim.

soon after i was passing another cyclist from nuernberg. achmed. you can find his blog here.


we talked a while and rode the way to sami together as it was his last day and his ferry was going in the evening from there. he is planning to come back to greece next year. good luck with your plans! he will post about this trip after he is back in germany. right now he is on his way back from venice.

it was quite late after the tire problems and the chat. so i already thought about getting the ferry in the evening again but after a ride downhill and surpassing my normal security limits i hopped on bord not a minute before the ferry left. i was glad cause i had more time to look for supplies and a place for the night.

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  1. Hallo Matthias,
    Seit 16.10. ist ein großer Teil meiner Griechenland-Reise online – hat etwas gedauert, aber ich hatte einiges zu tun.
    Eine schöne Seite hast du – Englisch hat seine Vor- und Nachteile!

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