after a good night sleep i had a wonderful day ahead of me. diversion is important to keep your concentration and motivation up. during the morning i didn’t make much haste and soon found myself making a break for the second breakfast as 2 cyclists were passing by. it was a friendly couple from germany who spend 2 weeks in greece traveling to neapoli. it was just a quick chat at the side of the road so i don’t know their names and there are no photos. they were going downhill for half an hour so i knew what lay ahead of me and that the second breakfast was well needed.

as i was still on the bottom of the mountain it began to rain and it got colder towards its peak. a refreshing change not to sweat more then you can drink. on the top was the village of kosmas.


it felt way too small for the few busses and campervans who tried to find their way through the narrow streets.  i bought some grapes and made a break before i was leaving the autumn in the hills and head back to summer and the sea.

it was an amazing descent surrounded by mountains…


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