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peda pod

on the second day in sydney i went to the office of peda pod, a velo cab service which got its idea and the first bikes from berlin. thanks to alex for pointing me in that direction. i had to pass a small exam and afterwards drive once around the block which more or less completed the small training. the next day i went to the city with tonka and stefan which was supposed to be the big training but after the first customers arrived, there was no time for instructions. a map of the cbd had to do for now. there were usually enough breaks in between customers to catch one’s breath and have a chat while waiting at the circular quay.

just across the street we could watch people getting out of their comfort zone for a charity project to get children off the street.

tonka was keen to give it a go but 1500 dollars seemed a bit dear for someone who is ‘only’ a cab driver. on the weekends there are enough customers but during the week it was hard to make some money in addition to just cover the costs for accommodation and food.

on the night from saturday to sunday we were booked by a couple for their wedding. we should pick up the newlyweds and their closest relatives at midnight from the opera house with a special decorated bike. our fleet in front of the opera.

we had to wait a little longer for the party to end but with this view of the harbour bridge that didn’t matter too much.

i was driving the parents of the bride. the father had a tower of presents while the mother was balancing a bouquet of flowers on her lap during the short ride to their hotel. the missing space to store luggage and the weight of the bikes itself might be the major drawbacks of the velo-cab. the next generation which is in production saves one third of the weight which will help to make this sustainable transport more attractive. and maybe someone comes up with a nice roof rack.

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after 2 years and 15 weeks and i guess around 40.000 pedalled kilometer, i arrived in sydney. the last meters on the ferry from manly landing at the circular quay between opera and the harbour bridge.

the manly ferry being that not so small ship on the right with the harbour bridge towering over it.

i planned on leaving sydney by train and checked in the yha next to the central station. the building is the former baggage department and some of the rooms are restored or rebuilt coaches on the platform zero with their windows going out to the platform number one where the trains to melbourne depart.

there’s not the soothing movement as if the train would be moving but one is not forgetting travelling even while sleeping here.


new south wales along the coast

i choose a route following the coastline for most parts after leaving byron bay. after working in tully which was 3okm from the sea and brisbane also not being famous for its beaches, i was missing the ocean and had plenty of opportunity for a swim despite the water’s dropping temperature on my way south. the road is rarely going directly along the coast which not always makes a scenic ride but keeps the beaches unspoiled by parking lots or promenades lined with shops.

even between newcastle and sydney, the most populated area of australia there are plenty of national parks with camp sites and despite the growing flow of traffic on a growing number of lanes it wasn’t too difficult to find a safe route on a push bike.

and after a couple of days of riding the distance to sydney was shrinking…

to bypass some heavy traffic there is the possibility to take a passenger ferry instead of following the main road around some of the bays. the last meters being a highlight as the ferry from manly takes one directly into the heart of sydney.

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bicycle pit stop café #2

after a good memory from the siTigun café in georgetown on penang, malaysia, i was lucky to get another recommendation for a place where good coffee and bicycle culture meet. this time in sawtell just south of coffs harbour, a place called ‘split’. the café is linked to a bicycle store, organizes group rides and has some bicycles on display like this cinelli build.

and even has its own trikot…

not every bar or café allows people to recharge their electronic equipment while enjoying a coffee. here that’s no problem and there is free wi-fi too.

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since the east coast is rather busy with people on a camping trip, there are lots of signs to prevent hordes of campers to stay just anywhere. still some seem rather superfluous…

hardly readable at, this sign is not only standing in the middle of the forest but is also surrounded by a small lake.

some of the free rest areas were shut down or at least closed for overnight stays after some groups misused this places as a permanent residence and in some cases robbed other people passing through. as a result the tone got rougher sometimes.

this is rather the exception. mostly people don’t mind people camping and receive travellers in a friendly manner.

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byron bay

the first people i ran into were three buskers from ireland offering me some ice cream. a good start. and after a long time without any places in the worldtourguide, byron bay is home of the rails/ railway friendly bar, the recommendation from dorit.

there is live music on every night. mostly folk,  blues and roots rock music. a very australian experience and a timeless one which seems to be untouched by the change of time that swept over byron bay in the last years and decades.

after the music ended we were wandering through the streets looking for more. which we found with team ireland which i met on my first day here.

really good boys and full-time, whole-hearted buskers. we played until the last pub closed, for the people on their way home and on until we had the streets all to ourselves. a good night!!


on the lions road into new south wales

after a planned project to built a road through the richmond gap connecting queensland with new south wales was cancelled by the government, the local lions clubs (thus the name ‘lions road’) of this area got together and built it as a community development project. lots of volunteer work and fund raising made it possible to start with this project… and there is still a donation box at the border to help pay for the maintenance.

since this is a blog, or at least it started as such, about bicycle touring, i noticed a lack of pictures about cycling itself. mostly i’m just too lazy to get off the bike or make photos of myself. but i still do  a fair bit of cycling in between those other photographs. so i got over my usual lazyness. here during one of  the splash crossings on my way into new south wales.

the good thing about travelling a bit further inland is the camping situation. most of the time nobody minds someone pitching a tent for a night and there are still campsites which offer affordable camping for solo travellers. plus people react very friendly to travellers as these areas are far from overcrowded.

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brisbane festival

back in this city for the third time, i was just in time for the brisbane festival. this meant a lot of events scattered about the city, a nightly laser light show at the river and some cultural program not to be found in rural parts of australia. at the last weekend the queensland symphony orchestra played open air for free.

we liked that evening a lot so we were back the next day to watch ‘la traviata’.

back in the city the ‘wunderbar’ lured us from the bus station with its latin american sounds.

this weekend was a nice farewell to brisbane and queensland.