new south wales along the coast

i choose a route following the coastline for most parts after leaving byron bay. after working in tully which was 3okm from the sea and brisbane also not being famous for its beaches, i was missing the ocean and had plenty of opportunity for a swim despite the water’s dropping temperature on my way south. the road is rarely going directly along the coast which not always makes a scenic ride but keeps the beaches unspoiled by parking lots or promenades lined with shops.

even between newcastle and sydney, the most populated area of australia there are plenty of national parks with camp sites and despite the growing flow of traffic on a growing number of lanes it wasn’t too difficult to find a safe route on a push bike.

and after a couple of days of riding the distance to sydney was shrinking…

to bypass some heavy traffic there is the possibility to take a passenger ferry instead of following the main road around some of the bays. the last meters being a highlight as the ferry from manly takes one directly into the heart of sydney.

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