volleyball tournament

after playing beach volleyball the whole summer before leaving berlin, it was one thing i missed during the trip. in hampi we had a volleyball court and finally a group of people eager to play.  after some playing around without any ambitions we felt it was time for the first goan corner volleyball tournament.


the organizing committee, tom, pete and dean, with the cup.


and its place beside the court…


tom agreed to play referee after a little climbing accident which kept him from playing himself. here holding up his yellow card ” stop being a dick” which was ultimately followed by the red card “you’ve been a dick to long”


and action…


if it was the trophy or the nutella donuts sponsored by our host shamilla, the level was surprisingly good. after exciting semi finals and a thrilling final the winning team takes a rest: andrea and anna (heidi) both from switzerland, arno from france and myself.


after filling the trophy with beer we went on top of the plateau to celebrate the team spirit.

music people postcards


to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the vijayanagara empire, hampi was preparing for a big festival. a group from the guest house set out to take a look…


in the chaos in front of the entrance i lost sight of everybody and decided to take a look inside myself. i was just in time for a wonderful concert with traditional indian music. sadly it was followed by an official part with awards for politicians, spiritual leaders and the local high society. a lot of them used the opportunity to speak to the people and despite some helpful translation by the people around me i couldn’t warm up for this part.

indian love fireworks and it was used every 5 minutes during the show.


during the 3 days of the festival the temples were illuminated…


when i went back to the boat station, there was a problem with the boat’s motor and no way to find out when the problem would be fixed.

some people decided not to wait and to wade to the other side. some of them went swimming though because of the slippery stones. it was a nice parade of people emerging from the river…


that the skin started to itch once we escaped the smelly water was less funny. but nonetheless an adventures day!



just 100 meters from the guest house starts a plateau with lots of boulders scattered around. with different difficult levels everybody finds a problem to work on. one of the most pleasant memories…


…not the most difficult but highest boulder i’ve climbed. it is wonderful to feel your whole body, the heart is beating faster and often you have to let go of a secure hold to reach the next one and eventually the top .

secured by crash mats and people standing beneath the climber in support, there are not too many injuries happening.


still once in a while you see another person limping because of a twisted ankle. i got away with some scratches and raddled fingertips.

locations postcards


after the first night i moved onto the roof terrace, the cheapest and with a moskito net and the starry sky above you not the worst place to spend the night…


again we crossed the river to take a look at some of the temples in and around hampi. first the main temple, where after feeding an elephant with bananas the rest of them were stolen by the monkeys who inhabit the inner court.


the main temple at sunset.


on the opposite side is a small temple up on a hill from where you have a great view over hampi.


the whole next day we spent at a lake not far from our guest house… a nice opportunity to take the bicycles for a ride. it has wonderful clean water and despite some locals who come to take a look at the girls in bikinis, it is a really enjoyable place.


after these first days of getting to know the area and recover from the trip from gokarna we turned to another highlight in hampi…