bicycle pit stop café

for a cup of excellent coffee and maybe a homemade tiramisu cake on the side, siTigun is a wonderful place to visit on a bicycle. created by two-time round the world cyclist tigun wibisana, it has many additions you won’t find in an ordinary cafe. a place to park your bicycle inside for example.

classic advertising posters…

as well as a matching cycle on the wall.

jazz was pouring from the speakers and the evening sun lit up the café while i was writing lyrics…

recommend! the address:

15 – 17 nagore road,

10050 penang.


  1. Hi there.
    How is the road trip? Thank you so much for your visit, while you were in Penang.
    Have a wonderful voyage. Keep on pedaling. See the ocean of life…. 🙂
    With love from Penang Island,
    Zanarde, Sandra & Tigun.

  2. hey and thank you, would be lovely to have more cafes like yours on the way for a rest ;-). but indonesia is great as well. i just got a positive reply about my visa for australia and will fly from denpasar in one week. will be quite a change, but i heard good things about cycling around the east coast. hope all is well with you!! best wishes from lombok,


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