bicycle pit stop café

for a cup of excellent coffee and maybe a homemade tiramisu cake on the side, siTigun is a wonderful place to visit on a bicycle. created by two-time round the world cyclist tigun wibisana, it has many additions you won’t find in an ordinary cafe. a place to park your bicycle inside for example. classic… Continue reading bicycle pit stop café


one of the most influential poets of persia is hafez. his tomb in shiraz is a frequently visited place by iranians and his poems are cited in persian traditional music. people are trying to find answers or seek help for decisions through reading verses by hafez. the tomb is surrounded by wonderful gardens, flower beds, and… Continue reading hafez

First there was… a name

Why this blog is called “living in and dreaming of”: I once wrote following lyrics  to a song … “heaven can wait ’cause i have hardly enough of this world i am living in and dreaming of” …   The world you are living in and the world you are dreaming of. The bridge between… Continue reading First there was… a name

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