It was a short ride to the border with Honduras, where we met some truck drivers while stopping for lunch. It was a sunday and the majority was already waiting since Friday evening for the banks to open again on monday, as they have to pay taxes and in between Friday afternoon and monday morning no border crossing is possible for them. Thus the travel time is easily adding up and some drivers are on the road for two weeks or more if they have more than one border to cross before they reach their destination. For us the border crossing went smoothly and it wasn’t long before our next one. Paul was a bit in a hurry to arrive in Panama in time to reach a boat taking him to Colombia, so we crossed the country at its narrowest point. It’s also the hottest part of the country and the hottest time during the year, just before the start of the rainy season, when we cycled through it. At noon we were glad to find a fruit stall which made ridiculously big fruit platters; just the right size for us.


The breakfast the next morning was another nice surprise. It consisted of baleadas, typical honduran street food, and they had delicious pancakes to complete the meal. We only stayed a night in Honduras and then made our way to the border with Nicaragua.

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