dansey’s pass

it was nice cycling weather when i left ranfurly and it stayed that way until halfway up the pass. the top of the pass was engulfed in a black cloud which i soon couldn’t see anymore because of the mist that was getting more and more dense and a constant drizzle was cooling me down considerably. but it was a rather fitting atmosphere for that kind of scenery. the road leading to the pass vanishes in the mist.

on top of the pass the sight was reduced to 30 meters and the drizzle was now a proper downpour. the downhill part was quite tricky. sometimes the gravel gave way to sheer rock with muddy patches on top which were slippery and more than once i was rather sliding downhill.  i was chilled through and through after the descent and the last kilometers were dragging on until i stopped at a campsite as i was in dear need of a hot shower.

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