on the way from the tad lo oasis i got confronted with sorrow a little too soon. as i stopped for a drink the earth shook and a bursting sound came from down the street. a house had collapsed and by the time i reached the scene, crying people were carrying their loved ones, dead or wounded, covered with blood and dust out of the remains of the building. the rest of the day was kind of blurred.

after spending the night in pakse, i made my way to champasak where i met mark again and we cycled to the khmer ruins.

the view from the upper terrace.

it was lovely. peaceful and quiet the knotted trees added to the fairytale atmosphere.

in the evening we found a place with tv and watched the rather entertaining match between the netherlands and brasil. the next day we had about 120 km ahead of us before reaching the 4ooo islands.

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