4000 islands

we started quite early in the morning from champasak. there was a small breeze which blew away the humidity but once in a while i still wished to do it like the water buffalos.

as so often we pushed ourselves forward as it was quite a distance to cover in one day but as we arrived it was only early afternoon. after some negotiations at the ferry we loaded our bikes on the narrow boat.

we met up with tansy whom we met in tad lo and had our well earned dinner before watching the sunset from the bungalow at the river.

i stayed a whole week there… did not go to cycle the island, did not visit the old french railway, did not go to see the dolphins, did not go for a boat tour or to see any waterfalls. i still don’t feel that i missed anything. i picked up my guitar everyday and felt that it was a nice way to say goodbye to laos.

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