beach no. 7

after arriving in port blair we hopped on another boat which brought us to the island of havelock. the beaches have indian names but for tourists they are numbered. so after staying at beach no. 5 and no. 2, i finally got to beach no.7 which is recommended by alex in the worldtourguide, page 27 and 28.

the sand is bright and the water clean and transparent. with its 29 degrees it’s still refreshing. there are no buildings¬† at the beach front that could spoil the view. the andamans seem to be a popular stop-over for people who travel by boat. we met some who are traveling around the world since 4 or 6 years and there are always some boats anchoring within sight.

sunset on no. 7

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  1. We’re taking a break from our India bike tour and wondering if we should bring the cycles to the Andamans.

    Did you do any cycling while you were there? Would it be interesting or even possible to ride on the Trunk road north and south?

    If the bikes are useless in the Andamans then we’ll just leave them in Chennai – don’t need a big expensive piece of luggage to haul around. On the other hand, if there are touring possibilities…


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