paradise beach

i was about to take a bath the next day when i saw two familiar faces. i recognized marten and manon from the netherlands whom i first met in esfahan and then again in yazd.

they were on their way to paradise beach, a 40 minutes walk from om, and after a break for coffee…


we joined them to get at least some exercise while off the bikes.

the way leads through a jungle-like area and along the rocky coastline…


just next to the beach is a nice restaurant situated in a palm garden with view over the beach and sea and with a breeze coming in it was the perfect place during the warmest time of the day.

there are also boats going between those beaches but we decided to walk back the way we came and came by some cliffs where a lot of people gathered to watch the sunset…


after this expedition we felt ready for a last swim and a big dinner afterwards.

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