the promise of a warm shower made me cycle the last 150 km to yazd in one day. it started to rain just when i pedaled into the city. but  it took me another hour to get to the hostel. i had to ask 5 taxi drivers, 7 pedestrian and 9 clerks before i got directed to the right street. the hostel with its beautiful traditional courtyard makes you sometimes forget about all the sights the city has to offer and just read a book  or chat with other travellers and exchange stories from the road.


after 3 days of grey sky and mostly staying at the hostel i slowly started to explore the city. i just started to lose myself in the old city with its narrow streets and houses made of mud bricks.

you discover old sorts of places. unimpressive doors may lead you into one of the most exclusive hotels in town or into a hammam converted into a restaurant.


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