mumbai – part one

i arrived in mumbai with a lack of sleep because i had to change planes in bahrain. but when i got my bicycle back in one piece i felt a big relieve and thought i was ready to hit the city.

some luggage man offered me to roll my bicycle out of the airport while i carried my guitar. there i was intercepted by a security guy who asked me where i was going to, which hotel i was about to stay in and all in a manner of an interrogation. he said he was ‘there to help me’ but as i wasn’t that cooperative in that matter i was forwarded to the next security man. ‘impossible’ was his reply on me telling him about my plans to cycle to goa. he would arrange a transfer to a hotel and the hotel will take care of the bus ticket to goa. as i was really tired and was offered a free ride to the hotel i decided i could as well take a look. the luggage guy still standing next to me bragging something about a ‘tip’ all the time didn’t help either in making me feel more comfortable in this place.

once in the car i was assured that the transfer is really free of charge but a ‘tip’ will secure my eternal luckiness…

in the hotel everyone got busy getting my luggage and bicycle out of the car and into the hotel. as i wanted to know about the price first the hotel manager took me aside for a talk. pen and paper where his weapons of choice as he explained, wrote down and underlined all the services i was about to receive. i can’t remember everything but it was quite a list which summed up to 150 dollars when all i wanted was to take a shower and then hop on the bus.

i left and was told for the second time in one hour that it was impossible to cycle as far as goa. i didn’t start trying to explain that though i arrived by plain in india it was by far the start of my trip.

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