first flight

in preparation of my first flight on this journey i went to get some cardboard as protection for the bicycle. after another indian meal in dubai i set out for the airport. i wondered at first why there was only a terminal 2 and 13 until i asked someone and was told that the 13 is rather standing for 1 and 3. well, one can be in quite a stubborn mood if one has to catch a flight and takes no time to think.

once at the airport the security wanted to x-ray my bicycle with all the luggage. there was no way it could have fit in that machine. they tried anyway for 5 minutes. woha!

so, to another counter with a bigger x-ray machine. then no x-ray at all. fine!

at the check in, the lady first raised an eyebrow. but after some calls my bicycle was taken away by the luggage man. he did that just like one would lead an animal out of the circus ring after its well done performance.

i was glad when i could lean back and just wait…

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