mumbai – part two

i made my first meters on indian streets and got used to riding on the left side quite fast. though sometimes when i was in thought i needed some honking to direct me back to “my” side of the street.

i didn’t stay alone for long this day. i met a fireworks creator who told me about his next jobs – a wedding and of course new years eve. but more importantly he directed me into the right direction to get a ticket to goa. he wasn’t the last one to warn me of his fellow indians. so he was really pleased to listen to my story from the morning including the ‘no tip’ policy.

then a guy with a bullet, a classic motorcycle by royal enfield, invited me for tea, offered me a place to stay and warned me of his fellow countrymen.

on my way to an internet cafe¬† i was escorted by three youngsters which draw the attention of a lady passing in a auto rickshaw who warned me of…

i had promised to play a song on my guitar in exchange for the company on the way to the net cafe. so i played my first concert in india. a lot of people gathered in the street but i felt looked at more like a sensation rather than as an artist.

i got good directions from the people at the net cafe after being warned… and soon found myself in front of the office of the bus company. after i got my tickets i found time to ride a bit more through the city and someone who repaired two pair of shorts for just 30 rupees.


i spent only 12 hours in this city but had my share of adventure for the day!

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