because of the stops on the way and 2 flat tires i didn’t make it to olympos that day and arrived the next morning. 2 weeks before there was a big flooding and you could still see the effects. it is a strange sight with its treehouses, the unpaved road leading through the village and the mixture of backpackers, retirees and turkish families.

i checked into bayrams treehouses. a place with dinner and breakfast included and therefor a recommendation for any hungry cyclist.

the next day i started exploring the ancient sites and went for a long walk on the beach. the second half of the day it rained and so i spend my time updating this blog and drinking tea in the common room until it was time for dinner. the evening went on quite while talking to 3 german erasmus students and a lady from istanbul. i went to bed early as it was still around 90 km to antalya and i wanted to get the bus to cappadocia in the evening.

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