in antalya i first tried to get my camera fixed. i received mail from panasonic with inforamtion on service points and  hoped that it was not a total loss. but both shops told me a price of 400 lira which is as much as i payed for the camera.

i postponed the repair and went to the bus station to get my ticket. very helpful people and no quarrel with the bicycle. i had plenty of time so i was glad that i got first approached by cemil who ownes a petrol station in erzurum and invited me to drop by when i arrive there and later by timur who came to turkey just some years ago after living in germany for the most part of his life. i had a nice conversation with him and he told me about eastern turkey where i was just about to travel. and one of the people who encouraged me to take the bus and train for the most part troughout that region because of the cold. hope your stomach is well again!

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