the first snow

it was a quite uneventful journeyuntil the sunrise when we could see the landscape and the little snow on the side of the road. in the background were snowcovered mountain tops and from inside the bus it looked lovely. as we arrived in kayseri at 8 in the morning with 6 degrees outside the view on the mountains became subsidiary.

i hopped on the bike to get warm and got myself breakfast at a superb bakery. afterwards i was ready to try my luck again fixing the camera. (oh man, you have to write much more if you don’t have pictures to fill the space of your blogposts…) the panasonic service point couldn’t do the repair but fatih who was working there described the way to another shop with some english and the help of google translate. not the first conversation with google as translator and not the last laugh while using it i guess. a customer in the next shop could speak english and 5 min. later my camera was left for inspection and the chance of getting it fixed for 70 lira.

on my way out of town i went to that bakery again and was invited for tea before making my way to göreme.

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