indian summer all over

i escaped the cold grip that is reaching to the north of turkey by heading south. wonderful scenery between orhaneli and simav where i am now.


i got invited again and have to call my host now… well maybe i try to find someone to translate first 😉 ah, never mind!


outdoor shower

wow, i tried my watersack as shower for the first time. i thought that the verdict would be just a tired “better than nothing” but it’s working great. grrr, the video of me showering was too big…


i have to admit it feels a bit weird standing naked under a tree somewhere high up in the mountains and freeze your ass of because of the cold water. but damn it’s refreshing…

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welcome to lounge Türkiye



blog feature

here is the blog from achmed gabler whom i met cycling on kafellonia just before his trip was about to end. you can find some words about our meeting in his 2009 journal about greece on day 20. glad to read you made it home safely… see you next year somewhere down the road!

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the leaving of istanbul

i have posted some stories from the road but rarely wrote about how i feel. there’s a wonderful post on that describes one of the social aspects of traveling you encounter when leaving a place and people that were a temporary home.

i took the ferry to yalova and followed the coastline when a car pulled over. it was Önder with his family. he later invited me to his house. we had a great dinner with 3 friends who came all the way from bursa. i played some songs for them and they pulled out their mobiles so their friends could hear it as well. after dinner i was present as they prayed and i almost fell asleep while listening to their singing which was so relaxing.

after a good night sleep and a wonderful breakfast i am now on my way to the south of turkey. thank you Önder for the great hospitality!

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hostel life

in the evening we cooked a few times and enjoyed the view from the terrace during dinner. these are johannes from berlin and paul from birmingham in the tiny kitchen.


afterwards we took the metro to taksim. after finding a bar offering to smoke a shisha we found a brilliant bar in a small alley. it was impossible to get through the masses of people so we decided to sit down and enjoy turkish live music while half of the people were singing and dancing. camera stayed at home so you have to come here and see it for yourself. i am hungry now. wish you all a pleasant weekend.

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on the third day went to the blue mosque but it was closed during the praying time and so we went to the basilica cistern instead.


after this interlude i went back to the blue mosque and just sat down for an hour to soak in the atmosphere.


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we tried to stay off the big roads leading to istanbul as much as we could. it took a little longer but we felt much safer this way. just inside the city i got a flat tire and  as we stopped johannes was passing by. he was working in bukarest for a few month and cycled from there to istanbul. we soon got off our bikes and continued by foot. as we were looking for a hostel we ran into a canadian couple who just came back from a bicycle trip from the southern turkey and had some useful information to share.

we soon found a hostel with everything we wanted for 10 euros a night.  one great thing about this place is the roof terrace with a wonderful view over istanbul and the blue mosque.


on the second night i played a concert in front of a lovely audience with this setting as background. a wonderful experience! the day we spent at the grand bazaar which was a little disappointing. i hope to see a place like i was hoping for when i travel through iran. i applied  for a visa and can hopefully collect it on the way in erzerum.

the following day we took the ferry to the asian side. it takes about 20 min. and offers a beautiful view over istanbul and the bosporus.


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the turkish people are very friendly and we got invited quite some times for melon, tea or (nes)cafe. one morning we were invited by a turkish shepperd to his house.


he called a friend who couldn’t speak any language that we do as well. so we just sat in the house and tried to enjoy the company without too many words. it worked.

another time we bought a watermelon and were invited into a cafe to eat it there. the owner found the melon not good enough for us and soon after the melon was exchanged and we even got the money for the melon back.

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some nice roads

some impressions of the following days which suprised us with ever changing wonderful surroundings.