…after the lago di garda i was heading to florence. since i don’t know the excect day i’ll arrive, i can’t book anything in advance. so i had to turn to the biggest hostel in town cause all the others had no free beds available. it was a bit of a change to be in… Continue reading firenze

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the world tour guide

this is the going away present, where a lot of friends shared their favourite places from all over the world. thank you!! Worldtourguide i’m following the EuroVelo Route 7. here is an overview. florence and then rome are the next destinations.

the singing icecream man di merano

this guy is amazing. he is strumming his guitar whenever no customer is around and he seems to manage to switch between singing an selling icecream without loosing his rythem. if you want the perfect soundtrack to this picture, try jonathan richmans “icecream man”. rock on icecream man!