there were already a lot of first times so far…

first doubt as i closed the door behind me with the keys inside

first sweat as i carried my touring cycle down the stairs

first irritating looks which i could’t always answer with a smile

first safety inspections by the police

first part of the journey by train and the

first rain i was happy to avoid

first night outdoors

first time waking up before 5am in the morning since at least a year and the

first morning without coffee since almost as long ago

first time being lost after following signs

first time trying to get by without signs and still end up nowhere

first bakery i passed without buying anything

first ride through rain

first exchange of greetings with other touring cyclists

first time since berlin thinking that this is a good idea

first time crossing a river by boat

first time cursing because of headwinds

first time realizing that unlinke in berlin there ain’t always a store open to replenish my supplies and

first time realizing there is more i miss since leaving berlin.

hope all of you are doing great.  i’ll soon get my camera and from then on there will be even more photos than so far. next week  i’ll be leaving for freiburg . but i’ll post some news before that. cheerio!



album online

on the music page you can now LISTEN to the whole album. online sale will start in 3 weeks. at the same time the album will be available at the “WALD” bag & accessoires shop in berlin thanks to ulrike who agreed to have some copies in store. thank you!

music people

the world à la carte

Hey and thanks to all the folks who came to say goodbye. We had a farewell party yesterday and i think we held up quite well against the rain. Take four strong arms who hold a blanket over the heads and tell me it ain’t a house. Some photos will follow.

I was given a superb go away present. A little book with the favourite places from friends with a photo and some words on the side. So if i’ll ever run out of places i want to visit i just pull over and take a look into this wonderful menu. Thank you!

The album is finished – wahoo!!! – and i’ll upload it in a couple of days.  It’ll be on sale in 3 or 4 weeks.

Now, got to get on with preparations for the departure.  Tuesday it is.

Tomorrow, birthday party from a friend and last chance to have a beer together. 22h @ roof terrace, skalitzer 36.

Cheers , mat

equipment music


After a long winter, things are gaining speed. Most of the equipment is here or ordered, i will finish the album this month and i’ve sold, donated or simply thrown out a lot of my belongings. It felt like really hard work but everytime liberating if another box emptied wandered out of the apartment and books, cds, tools and furniture had found a new owner.

I will soon post an overview of the equipment as soon as the last shipments come in and get some photos online.

Also the music page will be updated soon. Until then you can visit the myspace page @


First there was… a name

Why this blog is called “living in and dreaming of”:

I once wrote following lyrics  to a song

“heaven can wait ’cause i have hardly enough

of this world i am living in and dreaming of”


The world you are living in and the world you are dreaming of.

The bridge between the realist and the optimist.

The need to understand what there is and the courage to belief what there might be.

The lines in between the two are blurred and these worlds are interconnected and interacting.



soon to come



the world


by bicycle


play music


meet people


make a difference