there were already a lot of first times so far… first doubt as i closed the door behind me with the keys inside first sweat as i carried my touring cycle down the stairs first irritating looks which i could’t always answer with a smile first safety inspections by the police first part of the… Continue reading firsts

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album online

on the music page you can now LISTEN to the whole album. online sale will start in 3 weeks. at the same time the album will be available at the “WALD” bag & accessoires shop in berlin thanks to ulrike who agreed to have some copies in store. thank you!

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the world à la carte

Hey and thanks to all the folks who came to say goodbye. We had a farewell party yesterday and i think we held up quite well against the rain. Take four strong arms who hold a blanket over the heads and tell me it ain’t a house. Some photos will follow. I was given a… Continue reading the world à la carte


After a long winter, things are gaining speed. Most of the equipment is here or ordered, i will finish the album this month and i’ve sold, donated or simply thrown out a lot of my belongings. It felt like really hard work but everytime liberating if another box emptied wandered out of the apartment and… Continue reading Preparations

First there was… a name

Why this blog is called “living in and dreaming of”: I once wrote following lyrics  to a song … “heaven can wait ’cause i have hardly enough of this world i am living in and dreaming of” …   The world you are living in and the world you are dreaming of. The bridge between… Continue reading First there was… a name

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soon to come

travel . the world . by bicycle . play music . meet people . make a difference .