as i arrived in bacalar there was a rally at the central square and people got invited to join an event later that day to raise awareness about domestic violence. that day was the national day against violence in mexico. there are a couple of campgrounds in town but only one is really central, just two blocks behind the central square. yaxche camping is a nice place with plenty of space, enough shade and a well equipped kitchen in the center, complete with sound system and a fruit juice squeezer for the grapefruits which grow on the site. as the owner stopped by it turned out that he attended the event against violence and that he is also the head of the government office in that district.


one of the few sites to see is the fortress de san felipe bacalar. once built to defend the city, it is now a museum. i went on to get a pair of sandals and then some veggies for dinner. it took me a couple of days to realize again, that it is better to rely on local produce instead of products from the supermarket. not only is it cheaper but it tastes simply amazing. the kitchen area was my hangout for the night and i sometimes turned off the soundsystem to listen to the singing of the church service next door. and in the morning i had the music class of the school next to the church as my wake up call.

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