pakmeng beach

i shared the first kilometers out of town with ben and margo. after a last stop at a bicycle store and exchange of good wishes we continued in opposite directions. best of luck to you!

the first half of the day i was ‘flying’. maintained equipment, delicious food and enough sleep are always good preparation. so i left the first stretch of busy highway soon behind me and started on smaller roads along the coastline.

a reminder of the tsunami in 2004 in this area are these signs which point to an escape route or advice you what to do in case of an earthquake:

it was an easy ride along the coast with occasional stops at the beaches before i arrived in pakmeng.

pakmeng is not the most inviting beach i have seen but the atmosphere is interesting as it is only visited by domestic tourists. i met a motorcycle group and played a concert before getting myself a bungalow. after a shower i went out for dinner, had a quiet evening, was reading a book and after a nightly walk home on the beach, went to bed early. amazing, huh?

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