gulf of thailand

after taking the train out of bangkok, one of those where you can still lean out of the window or the luggage wagon,

i arrived in prachuap khiri khan and on the sea again after 5 months. on the next day and some kilometers to get started i ended up at this beach which i had completly to myself.

half of the time the road was following the coastline and only sometimes was the highway the only option. but the bigger streets in thailand mostly have shoulders which you only have to share with scooters.

there are nice villages and towns along the way such as chaiya, one of the oldest cities in thailand. while walking the streets in the evening, loud music came from the direction of the railway station. there was a festival with the usual  food stalls but also some attractions and a big stage were set up.

besides the area in front of the stage, a lot of people were sitting on the tracks and the benches of the nearby station. sitting on railway tracks is cool. reminds me a bit on the tram line sessions in berlin some years ago.

on my way south i was in contact with caroline, the sister of the creator of the worldtourguide, who was travelling through thailand with her boyfriend tobi. it took some emails to synchronize our travels. in the end we chose koh phangan for a meeting. after staying one day in surat thani, where this lovely “bulli” with a built in bar was parked in front of the internet cafe…

i made my way to the ferry port at don sak.

the colour of the water reminded me on the trip to the andamans. though i was glad it took only two and a half hours to reach the island compared to the 3 days to port blair.

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