one of the first things you see towards downtown vientiane is the pha that luang, the golden stupa, symbol of laos …

the patuxay follows on the main road leading towards the presidential palace and has a rather funny background story. the laos goverment used some cement sponsored by the americans for it although it was supposed to be used for a new airfield. because of this story it is also called the “vertical runway”.

vientiane has some quite corners to read a book or to enjoy all kinds of food,

some say it has too many of them and describe it as the laziest capital of the world.

i liked it there and found my favourite places. by chance i met raphael again whom i first met on the trip through tibet. we had dinner and watched the world cup before our ways parted.

within the week of my stay i also applied for the thai visa and got myself a visa extension. that leaves me enough time to explore the south of laos.

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