the way from yazd to shiraz lead again through desert like areas. though blessed with beautiful sunsets and starlit skies at night it was hardly enjoyable because of the cold. after one last mountain pass over 2000m, it slowly got better.

60km before shiraz i reached the ancient site of persepolis once the capital of the persian empire and symbol of its power.


after being destroyed by alexander the great it was partly rebuilt in 1970s.


though i was invited to stay at the camping place for another night – another sucessful concert – i wanted to reach shiraz the same day. somewhere on the the highway someone was waving out of a mini van. alex and marco were on board together with morgan and battista from switzerland. also on their way to india by bicycle.

after check in and a quick shower i caught up with the others and we strolled through the city. with no idea what to do in the evening and cause the next decent bar was some hundred miles away, we ended up at the cinema. though we didn’t understand a word it was fun to guess what was happening on screen. but always when we thought we had figured it out a scene followed which shred a theory to pieces. since it was still a bit early to check into bed, we ended up at the hotel lobby.


here’s the post of the day on (en francaise).

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