On the border between Argentina and Brasil lies one of the natural wonders of South America: The Iguazú Falls. The setting is brilliant and once you blend out the touristy infrastructure of walkways, trains and such, this is a great place to visit.


One path takes you to the top of the falls,


while the other explores the lower parts, gives you a panoramic view…


until it takes you close enough to the falls for a shower and to cool down a bit.


With a small train one can get to the starting point of a walkway over the river before the falls to the garganta del diablo.


Once there, it is no wonder why this place was given this name. The roaring of the water and the foaming of the water is a spectactle. The spray of the water lit by the sunlight is sometimes too bright to look into, and every couple of seconds a gust of foam taken up by the wind blows in your face and takes the vision so you can’t see the opposite side of the gorge only fifty meters away no more. I spent a good four hours in the park before cycling back to the city of Iguazú, where i arrived at the bus terminal just in time to pack up the bike and get the night bus to Rio de Janeiro.

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